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Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream

Having a fantasy scenery with flowers, forests, mountains, beach and stream, this is an ..

Phu Quoc Fish sauce Factory

Phu Quoc Fish sauce Factory

Around Phu Quoc Island, there are a lot of seaweeds and this is a big source of foods for ..

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Phuquoc festivals & customs

Phuquoc festivals & customs
It’s is said that Phuquoc festivals have origin from the Southern of Chinese who first immigrated to this island in 17th century. The local festival days based on the lunar calendar and most of them relating to fishermen life and religious belief.
- Gia Long King's Temple day (Jan. 15)
- Bon Canh Temple day (May 16)
- Temple consecration and offering (July 15)
- Phu Quoc jail martyr Vietnamese monument's day (July 27)
- Sung Hung Ancient Pagoda consecration (July 30)
- Nguyen Trung Truc monument's day (August 27)
- Dinh Cau Temple festival (lunar Oct 15 and 16)
- Thuy Long Thanh Mau Temple festival (lunar Nov., 20)